Dear Aspirant

I would first like to tell you that I appreciate your fearlessness to take up this exam, I’m using the word “fearlessness” here intentionally, as I understand the gravity, difficulty and dedication required for this exam.

At MERU we believe in your dreams as passionately as you, and therefore succeeding in it is a combination of your hard work and the right guidance. Our approach here is to assist you in a manner that the entire process of preparation is intellectually enriching, and also help you evolve as an individual.

Innovation is the key word for us at MERU, and that also means we learn as much as we impart, learning is always a two way process and it’s our core belief here. It’s my personal endeavour to make the entire course student centric, with highly evolved feedback mechanism. We want it to be as democratic as possible and your feedback is essential for this.

Our Team of Experts and Research Associates constantly strive to make the material that is of utmost quality and standard, it is reflected in our Test Series and Content, we don’t take these words lightly, and are dedicated to make it the best. Also we have strived to integrate latest technological tools to make the whole learning process seamless and effective for you.

In the end your success is our intent and in that intent is our achievement too. So wishing you all the best, may you realise your dream.